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Sennheiser appoint Feltech as sole UK supplier of their unique Guideport system

Sennheiser GuidePORT

GuidePORT is a wireless, digital visitor guidance system. On the visitor’s end, it consists of an intuitive, user-friendly, robust user device that sits easily in the palm of the hand (guidePORT) and a set of lightweight, ultra-comfortable Sennheiser earphones. The guidePORT comes in two types: an automatic playback type, and a manual playback type. With the former type, the system automatically plays the information, while with the latter, the visitors can key in what he or she listens to.

With guidePORT, your visitors learn more about your exhibition and exhibits than with other information systems, all with the greatest of ease and comfort. Because they do not have to hand-carry anything around with them, visitors always have both hands free.

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