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Join Feltech at the NEC Showcase

Join Feltech at NEC Showcase 2018 LIVE 

16th & 17th May 2018
NEC Showcase

Award winning systems integrator Feltech invite you to NEC’s annual experiential showcase, presenting the future of display solutions with fresh new experiences.

Throughout your working day from your morning coffee as you board the train to your customer meetings, you experience a series of engagements. NEC Showcase LIVE recreates this daily journey, enhancing these engagements through technology.  Compare the advantages of LCD, LED and projection technology within real-life applications in Retail, QSR, Corporate Office, Education, Transport and Command & Control.

Why should I attend the NEC Showcase?

  • Inspiration – display innovation for anyone planning to move into new office space, refresh AV solutions or simply looking for inspiration.
  • Partners – meet the experts and learn how tailored display solutions are constructed by our best of breed AV solutions partners.
  • Conference – hosted by AV Magazine about the current issues affecting the AV industry.
  • Relevance – tailored applications in Retail, QSR, Corporate Office, Education, Transport and Command & Control.
  • Technology – compare display technologies, side by side – Large Format Displays, Projection, Desktop Displays, LED and Interactive Touch Solutions.
  • Networking – the AV and digital signage community will be there.
  • Location, Location, Location – our central London location could not be more accessible.
  • ROI – with all of the technology inspiration and networking available, this could be the most valuable day you spend out of the office.
  • Evening entertainment – AV Magazine hosted party – don’t miss out!

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