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Like to know how the AV needs of universities are changing, or how to cope with 4k when you’ve only just upgraded to HD?

Ever wondered how the arts bring technology and creativity together, or what global organisations see as the biggest challenges they face?

Award winning systems integrator Feltech host Tech Talks, a series of interviews with industry thought leaders on today’s hot AV topics.  Manufacturers, suppliers, thought leaders, customers, producers and commissioners speak frankly about technology, change and their biggest challenges.

In the first of the series Feltech met with Julian Phillips, Executive Vice President of Whitlock and founding member of the Global Presence Alliance.

Take a look to find out more about the GPA’s origins, evolution and future.

Tech Talks – Julian Phillips

For further information about the GPA check out their website, and   &  on twitter.

Our next Tech Talk delves in to the world of the Arts with Film & Video Umbrella’s Technical Director Mike Jones.Tech Talks

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