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Feltech and NEC Hospital Wide Display AV Healthcare Solutions

NEC Hospital Solutions

NEC Hospital Solutions

Feltech work closely with NEC Display to supply, install, and maintain their full range of medical AV Healthcare Solutions.

Feltech and NEC offer a wide range of AV healthcare solutions that can help establishments improve performance and diagnostic accuracy. These technologies streamline care delivery through sophisticated mobile and point of care communications systems.

As a market leader for innovative medical displays, NEC is perfectly placed to deal with the challenges of hospital wide digitalisation processes.  NEC Display Solutions offer the widest range of display products for any application.

The hospital-wide roll-out of Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) relies on monitors able to view medical images, enriched with patient information, at a consistent high standard across all departments and consultation rooms within the hospital.

The Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting facility is crucial to assemble healthcare practitioners to collaborate with full access to multiple PACS images, side by side, viewable by large numbers of people, both in one room and via remote conferencing.

NEC Hospital Solutions

NEC Hospital Solutions

Why NEC?

Your partner in the hospital-wide digitisation process, NEC Display Solutions has the broadest portfolio of LCD and projected display solutions for the healthcare market, combining the latest innovations in display technology with Japanese design quality and reliability backed by a robust warranty and support infrastructure.

The NEC range incorporates Medical Displays, Desktop Displays, Large Format Displays and Projectors with the highest standards of cross departmental integration to a common standard.  Solutions that enable medical facilities to provide excellent healthcare.

Feltech are offering you the opportunity to evaluate these screens first hand, at your location so you can see the difference for yourself. Call us on 01727 834888 or email Stephen Hollas stephen.hollas@feltech.co.uk to arrange a visit.

NEC MD Series Diagnostic Displays

The NEC MD series of high-end diagnostic displays ensure the highest level of image quality due to the very high brightness, uniformity, contrast and full DICOM compliance.  Backed by years of experience in the research and development of medical LCD displays, NEC offers a high quality range of true 10-bit grayscale diagnostic monitors such as the MD211G3 (3MP) with an exceptional maximum brightness level of 1,450 cd/m2 and the MD215MG (5MP) grayscale display, which guarantees optimal image quality and performance for digital mammography.

The latest series of high-brightness colour diagnostic displays MD211C2 (2MP) and MD211C3 (3MP), incorporating Ultra- Advanced Super Fine TFT technology, offer the highest diagnostic image quality for 3D reconstruction applications, as well as for conventional X-ray images without compromise on brightness, DICOM conformance or contrast.


Diagnostic – Radiology, Orthopedics, Pathology, Surgery, Operating Theatres

Radiology is an important application NEC concentrates on in the world of medicine. It’s about the acquisition of images and then interpreting these medical x-ray images. Modalities for which these displays are suited include computed tomography, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, interventional radiology, PET, mammography and digital radiology as well as surgery.

 DICOM Standard – maximum grey tones ensure consistent high levels of accuracy

NEC screens offer consistency you can trust.  DICOM Part 14 is based on the human contrast sensitivity. This function makes it easier to see small relative changes in luminance in the dark areas of the image than in the bright areas because the whole picture will be shifted and recalculated towards the dark.

Displays that conform to the DICOM Part 14 standard maximize the number of grey tones that can be perceived on the display and provide a consistently high level of image quality across all DICOM displays which aids the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.

Education and Conference

Education is not restricted to schools and universities – also in medical healthcare there is the need for continuous training. Feltech and NEC offer integrated solutions for lecture theaters, seminar rooms as well as teaching and conference rooms. Our projectors as well as our large format display offer DICOM preset, which fulfill all needs.

Hospital Information – Reception, Wayfinding and Signage

NEC Wayfinding Displays

NEC Wayfinding Displays

Hospitals are now able to provide wayfinding digitally, allowing more dynamic directional messaging. Digital wayfinding allows for orientation or to highlight exits, or simply entertain and inform to alleviate the inconvenience of long waiting times. Touch displays can assist with queue management and direction and allow the patient to customise the information they receive during a visit.

NEC wayfinding solutions are ideal professional choice for any 24/7 Retail, Transportation, Corporate or Control Room applications that demand trusted performance, flexibility and lower costs of operation. The range includes screens for lobby/ reception installations, conference rooms and integration in totems and furniture.

New Connectivity and Sensors allow additional creativity in the content displayed and how it is controlled. The unique built-in NFC sensor in combination with NEC’s new Android app reduces installation and maintenance times, especially useful on larger installations. The Human Sensor is aware of proximity based viewer presence and can change brightness, volume, inputs or power the display up or down resulting in added engagement and considerable energy savings over time.

Compliance with International Guidelines

NEC MD Series Display Systems comply with International Guidelines and are registered as medical devices at DIMDI and succeeded pre-qualification for the German X-ray ordinance acceptance tests according to DIN V6868-57.

They are in accordance with the European Directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive), including the amendments of the Council Directive 2007/47/EC.

The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine – UK Guidelines The American Association of Physicists in Medicine – USA guidelines German Standards Institute (DIN) – Radiology Standards (NAR) – German Guidelines.

Download our NEC and Feltech fact file here.


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