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Essex Police Immersive Learning Facilities

The Essex Police Immersive Learning suites are the first UK police training facilities to benefit from the ground breaking ImmersaView VADAAR (Video, Audio, Data for After Action Review) platform. Installed by Feltech the VADAAR platform offers a cost saving over traditional incident training suites expenditure due to the reduction in hardware required, whilst dramatically improving the efficiency of the overall system.

Traditional Immersive Learning is a delivery technique designed to simulate the reality of critical incident management. Immersed in a realistic environment, students can experience the decision-making process and understand the complex issues involved. Through the VADAAR application students and exercise controllers can optimise the learning opportunities offered by the training, reviewing footage of the decision making process and implications of actions taken in context of the exercise.

With signals routed over IP, for the first time this means critical incident training can take place across multiple venues simultaneously, offering the emergency services the opportunity to run linked interactive training sessions working together in the virtual world. Training sessions can also be monitored remotely to link specialists into the scenario, providing a safe learning environment where the complexities and difficulties of highly accountable decision making can be experienced and explored.

Multiple cameras from training sessions can be monitored across large format displays and simultaneously recorded for review, offering enhanced evaluation opportunities and feedback for candidates. These suites incorporate key audio visual technologies to improve the immersive experience for each candidate.  Multiple streams capturing every aspect of the training sessions can be recorded and played back in order to debrief candidates step by step through exercises to improve the learning opportunities from each session. The immersive suites apply clever technologies to allow training to take place in a flexible, repeatable, controlled and cost effective way. The system incorporates 5 syndicate rooms and a main plenary room, with the capacity to train more than 30 candidates at each session. The Syndicate rooms can be operated individually or together as a group, which adds to the realism of the training.

Specifically designed for the simulation market the VADAAR solution revolutionises the world of immersive learning, using signals routed over IP to streamline data record and review, as well as offering the opportunity to link sites together over WAN networks.

The new technology enhances the functionality and reliability of the Immersive Learning system, whilst dramatically reducing the overall power consumption and single points of failure inherent within traditional set ups.


The control room is the focal point of the operation, the interface where facilitators can both oversee and interact with training incidents. It is the nerve centre of the facility where all media can be viewed live, recorded synchronously and stored.

The room is designed around a control desk with areas dedicated to each syndicate room featuring multi-view flat panel screens, PCs and talkback.  Large format displays are mounted above the control desk for the Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Exercise facilitator work stations. Each work station display is driven from a PC with a VADAAR Viewer installed and presents a “canvas” that can display any source or combination of sources from anywhere in the facility, thus negating the need for audio or video matrix switchers, scaling, signal extenders and multiple individual monitors. The layouts can be pre-configured as “scenes”, which can be switched with the click of a button. All sources can be routed over IP and accessed via viewer software anywhere in the building or remotely further afield.

The core of the audio system features two sophisticated IP controllable ClearOne audio Digital Signal Processors (DSP). This design philosophy is highly flexible in dealing with specific acoustic issues whilst offering a scalable solution to any future system expansion. Microphones are routed via the audio DSPs to provide accurate adjustment and alignment of audio signals ensuring maximum clarity of signal whilst minimising background noise and feedback issues.

Syndicate room audio from ceiling mounted microphones is routed via the DSP to a wireless headphone monitoring facilities within the control room. The system allows SME’s, advisers and incident controllers to monitor the live or replayed action in the control room on a personal basis without filling the room with multiple audio sources.

Being wireless the system also allows freedom of movement to the individuals, important on long exercises.  

In managing security and conflict threats there are two main drivers: how to prevent these incidents from occurring and, where they do occur, how to manage them in a manner that ensures that both risk to lives and economic costs are minimised. The addition of Immersaview VADAAR technology within the Immersive environment provides greater insight into performance and enhanced learning opportunities for candidates, whilst offering reduced installation and running costs.

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