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The G8 Summit – Host Broadcast and Media Services

Events do not come with a higher profile than The G8 Summit, Gleneagles 2005.

In February 2005 Feltech in partnership with Jack Morton Worldwide were appointed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to act as Host Broadcaster for the G8 Summit at Gleneagles.

Feltech’s brief was to provide all the technical facilities required by the World’s television and radio broadcasters. The scale of the operation was vast, providing 115 TV edit suites, 30 radio booths, some 40 standupper positions, 20 cameras for live TV coverage and a technical crew of 250 people.

2000 broadcasters and journalists attended the summit. The media centre and catering facilities were housed in some of the largest temporary structures ever erected, supplied by Jack Morton Worldwide. Feltech installed these areas with 100 Plasmas Screens and 150 TV’s showing 18 international TV news channels to keep journalist informed of other events around the world. This was particularly important on the second day of the Summit, July the 7th, when terrorist attacks occurred in London.

As well as providing technical facilities for broadcasters, Feltech provided round the clock television coverage of all the major events. This coverage had to reflect the best attributes of the event, whilst be free of any bias or undue emphasis on one item or issue. It was Feltech’s role as Host Broadcaster to make sure that this material was available and the broadcasters were able to choice the most relevant pictures for their coverage. This material was made available in multiple formats and different languages to all those at the Gleneagles Media Centre and via Feltech’s Master Control Room (MCR) was beamed back to London and around the world using fibre optic and satellite circuits.

In a world of 24 hour news broadcasts, when the world is focused on the G8 Leaders in the middle of a golf course in Scotland, the ability to transmit live high quality images around the globe is essential. Gleneagles was chosen for its remote location for security reasons, it is not a major high tech location. The technical infrastructure had to be designed and temporarily installed, to the highest technical standards within a tight budget. Although this proved to be a huge technical and managerial challenge, Feltech are very proud that the event was considered to be the most successful of its type ever staged in the UK.

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