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Golden Jubilee

COI Communications chose Feltech to provide Press and Media Facilities for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, a high profile project which involved creation of a Media Centre in Lancaster House and an adjacent ‘Media Village’ on Green Park.

The Media Village venue also provided working space for additional stakeholders including The Golden Jubilee Press Office.

Via a steel wire catenary, Feltech installed broadcast quality video and audio links from the Outside Broadcast compound in Green Park to the Long Gallery upstairs in Lancaster House. These links carried the international television coverage over the Jubilee weekend and displayed live images on a series of 61” plasma screens so that journalists, broadcasters and photographers could keep track of events as they unfolded.

An off-air reception system was provided via digital terrestrial and digital satellite so that The Golden Jubilee Press Office and the Press working in the Long Gallery could monitor the other events and news stories of the day.

Feltech created a Press Briefing Room in the Music Room of Lancaster House adjacent to the Long Gallery as a venue for The Golden Jubilee Press Office to hold regular Press Conferences.  The briefing room facilities featured a public address system, microphones for the top table and lectern positions. Feltech also provided television lighting and power distribution throughout the facility.

As part of COI’s brief to Feltech the broadcast feed was relayed to 5 radio booths in order that visiting radio journalists could voice over the live feed of events or record and edit a package and transmit it to base via ISDN telephone lines. Another of these booths was equipped with encoding equipment and was used to stream coverage of the events live on to the Golden Jubilee Website.

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