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Darley Stud Management

Feltech were employed to install state of the art AV facilities for Darley Stud Management’s Headquarters in Newmarket, to enable the stud to communicate efficiently internally and externally.

Feltech took the original consultants brief and re-designed it to match the clients changed needs, working closely with the building companies and their subcontractors to provide a backbone infrastructure for AV and IPTV systems that have the capacity to grow, enabling potential global communication.

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The installation included a unique “Pedigree AV Room” that assists the stud with the decisions on what pairing of stallion and mare will result in a future winner. The technology was designed to function behind the scenes allowing complex requests to be completed by simple operator actions.

The installation also included large format screens, projection, interactive smart boards, audio systems, into the Atrium, Hospitality Area, Flying Start Room, Consulting Rooms, Canteen, Project Offices and 30 outlets within the operational offices. All systems were controlled by programmable touch screen panels, each with individual set up for departmental or event needs. Feltech connected the separate IPTV system with the main AV systems that enabled all areas to be either independent or linked.

The project also required Feltech to build an HD ready satellite farm for all available horse racing TV channels and internal bespoke TV channels for DVD playback, all capable of delivery over an integrated IPTV network and a separate AV network. This involved the total coordination and project management of all AV and IT disciplines.

The Darley Stud Management project was delivered on time and on budget and is supported by Feltech for ongoing maintenance and training programmes.

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