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Feltech have a long history with Barclays bank, providing AV facilities up and down the country at their commercial banking centres.

Feltech were asked to collaborate with the Barclays Media services team to design a system for the Poole Head Quarters to display their Global Payments tracking software in a way to not only assist those running and monitoring this round the clock operation, but also to be able to demonstrate to Barclays clients how the system works and the processes involved in moving their money around the globe.

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The final design centred on a 4 x 2 video wall display screen using NEC 55” LED displays. Driven by Extron Window-Wall processors and a DVI matrix the system provides multiple sources to be tiled on to the video wall in full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. An eight output PC provides access to multiple instances of the custom Barclays software for display. Sources can be stretched across any combination of screens for large images or simultaneously display on multiple small windows.

Additional feeds from local Laptops or Ipads can also be displayed as well as TV and ticker messaging.

21da71_f6fc46074453508da5ba3bf9d1b8835e.png_srz_p_360_245_75_22_0.50_1.20_0To make this complex system easy to operate, Feltech have specified a Creston control system with a fixed touch panel and an Ipad running the Crestron control App.

This allows simple, intuitive and slick selection of sources to display on the video wall. This is particularly impressive to demonstrate to customers the ‘state of the art’ Barclays Global Payment operation. Customers can be taken to the ‘Podium’ location where they can see the whole operation and be shown their transactions live on the video wall.

In addition to the HQ display project the Feltech team have been working with Barclays on a long term basis installing video conferencing, audio visual and conference areas to enhance and upgrade in house facilities across the country.

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