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Unified Communications and Collaboration

Feltech UCC – Faster, Smarter, Connected

Unified Communications solutions combine all forms of business communications into a single, unified solution.

This delivers for powerful results by;

  • Enabling secure collaboration using any device, application or client, whether voice, video or text
  • Improving productivity, driving faster connections between your team, clients and vendors
  • Revolutionising your workflows, transforming your business processes
  • Enabling your team to use their preferred tools and software in a secure, reliable environment wherever they are
Unified communications spectrum

Unified Communications Spectrum

Feltech’s Unified Communication solutions offer a range of tangible benefits safeguarded by a centralised service agreement and managed by single point of supply and support.

Each UC solution is tailored to individual client’s specific needs.  Unified Communications systems are different for each customer, depending on how they work, where they work and what their challenges are.  Feltech bring together collaboration, networks, video, mobile, cloud and telephony technologies to deliver smarter ways of working and a truly connected future for your business.

Feltech take time to understand your company needs and create a bespoke package that will revolutionise the way your network communicates, collaborates, and grows.  With specialists covering both ends of the unified communications spectrum from video to mobility the Feltech team can deliver a cohesive, faster, smarter, connected future for your business.

Working closely with your IT team Feltech provide a complete wrap around UC service, offering “train the trainer” or group training sessions on all new technology to help staff understand the potential for systems and ensure high end user adoption.

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With global companies embracing the value of enhanced communications, incentivising collaboration, there’s never been a better time to converge your communications strategies.


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