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Command, Control & Immersive Systems

Immersive learning

Babcock and the London Fire Brigade Immersive Learning Facilities designed and installed by Feltech

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning is a delivery technique designed to simulate the reality of critical incident management.

Immersed in a realistic environment, students can experience the decision-making process, understand the complex issues involved in a crisis situation and learn from their mistakes all from the safety of a training facility.  Our specialist team have been responsible for numerous high profile immersive learning systems around the country including two sites for the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the Metropolitan Police Training Centre at Hendon, the National Police Improvement Agency’s suites at both Ryton and Bramshill and further afield, sites for the Police Service of Northern Ireland and Guernsey Police at St Peter’s Port.

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Command and Control Systems


William Hague launching the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Crisis Centre installed by Feltech

Bringing 25 years of bespoke engineering experience to the table, the Feltech Command and Control team work closely with customers to develop a detailed knowledge and understanding of the operational requirements and challenges of each individual project.  Our dedicated specialists are on hand to assist with all aspects of design from console layout and ergonomic design to display options, compatibility with existing technology and data security.

Working with a wide range of specialist partners Feltech are truly independent and will only recommend products appropriate for individual client’s needs; every system is bespoke, from small scale corporate facilities to complex international command centres.

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